Simple Safari Party Part II

Hi Friends!

Last week we shared part I of our Simple Safari Party. If you missed it take a look here.
Here’s what else went down at the safari party:


Popcorn Cones

The next item on our list was Popcorn Cones. Easy to hold and environmentally friendly, we used a banana leaves to make our cones but any similarly shaped leaf will do.

Clean your leaf with a soapy damp cloth and rinse it off thoroughly.

Tear/cut your leaf up into square sections and roll them into a cone shape. You have two options for fastening, either use a toothpick to hold the cone together or, for a quicker and less finicky option, use a stapler. Make sure that the staples are properly secured so that little fingers don’t get poked during the popcorn guzzling.


Animal Masks

We fell in love with the animal masks from House that Lars Built. We used her printable for these masks. We used two of the three that she offered as we were keen on the idea of using the masks as an easy way to divide party attendees into two teams for games and activities.

We printed these on to A3 sized paper and then cut them out. To fasten you can use ribbon or elastic band attached to the mask.

As an alternative, there are many options online for printable black and white mask outlines. If you’d like to turn mask-making itself into an activity you could print these out and provide crayons for each child to colour their own unique mask.



We kept the décor for this party inspiration quite simple, using hessian over the table for an earthy feel and palm fronds behind as our table’s background.

For the garland above the table we sourced leaves from Jodie's home garden and threaded these on to a piece of sisal twine. Use a toothpick to stab the leaf before threading the sisal twine through to try to avoid leaf rip-age as far as possible. We used washi tape to secure our garland to the wall.  

Lastly, we gathered some safari animal figurines and dressed them in brightly coloured paper party hats using cut out squares of colourful craft paper which we rolled into cones. We used pritt (non-toxic paper craft glue) to secure the cones. Each animal was adorned and then they were ready!



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