DIY clay Easter bunny bowl

Yay for school holidays (and extra public holidays for mum and dad)! What better way to spend quality time with your littles this Easter holiday, than with some creative, crafty fun! We fell in love with Alice & Lois’s DIY clay bunny bowls because they are simple, easy and super for kids!

They would also make a fun Easter gift for a loved one… to keep jewellery or small treasures!
We decided to go ahead and re-create these. We had initially thought we might give the bunnies our own spin in terms of paint treatment but you know what they say about ‘original and best’ so we ended up sticking pretty close to the original bunny face.

What you’ll need:
  • Air dry clay
  • Baking/parchment paper to roll on
  • A small glass bowl to use as a mould
  • A rolling pin
  • White paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush
  • Permanent marker/ sharpie marker pen
  • Sandpaper for smoothing
1.Set up your work station so that you’ve got some space to be creative. Line the table with newspaper so you don’t have to worry about clay and paint splotches later!Kids_DIY_Easter_Bunny_Bowl_TheTinyStore2
2. Roll out the air dry clay, using your rolling pin on a smooth surface. We used baking paper to roll on. Roll to thickness of 5mm.Kids_DIY_Easter_Bunny_Bowl_TheTinyStore3
3. Place the bowl top side down onto the clay and cut around the edge of the bowl with a knife. Remove the excess clay and lift the bowl gently off the baking paper to pop out your circle of clay.

4. Cut out a rectangle out of your left over clay you’ve rolled out. Cut it in half and round the edges carefully with a knife to create the two bunny ears.Kids_DIY_Easter_Bowl_TheTinyStore4 5. Place ears on backside of rolled out circle and gently push and roll with the rolling pin to create a good smooth seam. Try and smooth over any cracks now.Kids_DIY_Easter_Bowl_TheTinyStore5
6. Now to create the shape. Push the clay into your bowl until it touches the bottom and side. Smooth the edges with your finger.

7. Leave the clay to dry overnight (or slightly longer if you live in humid Durban). Once it is dry, pop out the dried clay from the glass bowls and sand the edges with the sandpaper.
8. Now comes the fun part. You can paint the bowls however you’d like with acrylic craft paint. We liked our bunny bowls white so we didn’t end up painting them!

9. Once the paint has dried, use a permanent marker or a sharpie oil-based paint marker to draw in the eyes and nose.

10. Don’t forget to mark the underneath with your little one’s name and the year so you can remember in the future!

Happy Easter Crafting!

You can visit Alice & Lois’s blog for the original post here.

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