This is us :)

 The Tiny Store owners

Welcome to The Tiny Store blog! Now that you’ve found us, we thought we’d give a little peak into who we are.

We are Candice and Jodie, two brunette besties from sunny Durban. We spend a LOT of time with a glass of wine in our hands, discussing the meaning of life and the ingredients in last night’s gourmet dinner. We love a good shopping spree and a trip to the beach together.

We do have our differences though.

  • Candice has a great voice. Jodie can barely keep a tune.
  • Jodie can do the splits. Candice prefers banana splits.
  • Candice can beat anyone at Thirty Seconds. Jodie takes thirty seconds to figure out what game we’re playing.
  • Jodie could stay up partying all night, Candice loves early morning rises.
  • Candice secretly wants to meet Justin Bieber. Jodie is going to call in sick that day.
  • Jodie loves food, yoga, dancing and puppies.
  • Candice loves baking, crafting and jamming to 80s tunes.

Together we make up The Tiny Store. The teeny tiny online store with a whole lot of soul.

We also have 2 amazing men who help support The Tiny Store. One who takes incredible photos (you can check out his amazing photography work here) and the other who is THE most handiest of humans that creates THE most beautiful wooden furniture and bespoke pieces SA has to offer (take a look at his portfolio here). These 2 guys have had our backs, non-stop along the way.

And that’s us! Drop us a hello any time.




The Tiny Store
The Tiny Store