Product Spotlight - Myang Shoes

Wanna know more about our awesome proudly South African products?
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Today we’re shining the spotlight on Myang.
We love their gorgeous shoes with genuine leather soles, which come in a variety of rad colour, pattern and style combinations.
In fact, if I could fit my feet in I would definitely get a pair for myself!
Myang Kids Shoes_The Tiny Store_Baby
We also love that their products are made by an all women team - GIRL POWER WOOO! and their emphasis on uplifting those from disadvantaged communities.

What makes Myang so great (other than that their shoes are beautifully designed and crafted) is that the fabrics are comfortable and lightweight to allow your baby or toddler’s feet to develop naturally.

Take a look at the Myang Shoes we have in stock here: Boys and Girls

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