3 Quick and Easy Valentines Activities

It’s almost that time of year again. The holiday dedicated to love!
Whether or not you subscribe to Valentine’s Day it’s a great theme to use to teach your children lessons about love and get involved with some quality mom/pops and tot time.

Here are three activities that we think will work great to get your child thinking and doing this Valentine’s Day:

  • Love List

Our first activity focuses on the emotional side.
Chat to your child on what love means to them and who they love most in the world. Get them to make a list (or if they are younger, help them make a list), of words that they associate with those they love and those who love them and the feelings surrounding these people.
Help your child to be conscious of how the people they love make them feel.

Valentines Activities_TheTinyStore_LoveList

  • Hearts and Hugs Game

A fun paper craft activity adapted from noughts and crosses or Xs and Os.
Find a piece of white cardboard and draw a grid. Use paper or card and have your child colour or draw hearts and circles on to the paper.
Cut these out and use them as playing pieces. Teach your child how to play, engaging their logical mind.

Valentines Activities_Noughts and Crosses

  • Colour-In Poster

Print out our A4 Printable Valentines Colouring-In Poster and let your child’s creativity run wild with the coloured crayons. Download the poster here

Colour In Page_Valentines Activity_Love Monster_The Tiny Store

The Tiny Store
The Tiny Store