Simple Safari Party

The Tiny Store_Safari Party_Kids Birthday
We’re pretty much still on a high from opening The Tiny Store, and what better way to keep that over-joyed feeling at max intensity than a party blog! Woooo!

For this party we channeled something that South Africa is super popular for.
Safari party.. safariparty safariparty. It just rolls off the tongue so well!

We decided that we wanted to honour the age-old tradition of animals in party hats, while celebrating a 2 year old’s birthday so this is what we did!
The Tiny Store_Safari Party_Lemon Cake

For the Cake

  •     Flour
  •     Butter
  •     Eggs
  •     Sugar
  •     Salt
  •     Baking Powder
  •     Bicarbonate of Soda
  •     Lemons
  •     Icing Sugar
  •     Buttermilk (we used regular milk)
  •     Vanilla Essence
  •     Palm leaves and plastic animal figurine for decorating

We used Ina Garten’s recipe for a lemon loaf (visit the link for instructions). We used a round cake tin rather than a loaf tin which made this is a cake with a rather firm crumb. Ideal for going mental on the cake decorating if you’re keen on that. Or you could drizzle a simple glaze like Ina does. Or you could do what we did and sandwich with a delicious lemony butter cream while leaving the cake naked.

For the buttercream icing:

  1. Mix half a brick of butter (250g) with a packet (500g) of icing sugar, add a spoonful of milk and lemon zest and vanilla essence to taste.
  2. Then spread the top surface of your bottom cake layer with icing and sandwich the remaining cake layer on top.
  3. We used palm leaves around the bottom of the cake to finish off, with some extra sticking out from behind for height and make sure our giraffe cake decoration got the attention he deserved.
  4. Get your partner in crime to fashion a delightful cake stand for you at the last minute because your idea to use an old tree stump was a bit gross for a food related project. Alternatively, feel free to visit this Facebook page and order one

The Tiny Store_Safari Party_Zoo Biscuits

Animal Biscuits and Monkey Food

Any self-respecting animal party has gotsta have the humble zoo biscuit somewhere in the mix. The nostalgic value for the big kids combined with the bright colours that draw little eyes in are the perfect party biscuit.

We used de-hydrated banana chips as our monkey food. These can either be DIY’d at home if you have a food dehydrator (or an oven) or they can be purchased from your local Manoli’s or even Checkers. They went down an absolute treat.

Join us later this week for a continuation of the safari party vibe.

The Tiny Store_Safari Party_Banana Chips

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